Welcome to the Horsley Organ Project

Thanks to a generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, we have been able to restore our Nelson organ to its original condition. It is now being used for church services as well as for recitals and concerts. Click here to see the programme of concerts planned for this year. The P.C.C. (Parochial Church Council) and the local congregation are keen that the organ should be a resource for the whole community, not just regular churchgoers.

In the picture to the right, you can see a view of the organ as it was for last fifteen years before it was dismantled in November 2016. Four stops on the Great were working, but the Pedal section and Swell were not yet installed. Despite this, the organ was playable for services.

The whole organ, including the case, required considerable work and it was dismantled in November to be refurbished in the organ-builder's workshops. The organ gallery was installed especially to take the instrument. This puts it at an ideal height in a space which is almost perfect from an acoustic point of view, features that were not lost on us when we decided to go ahead with the project.

Organ-building requires knowledge of a host of subjects including carpentry, metalwork, leather-working, acoustics, musicology and is therefore ideal for educational and outreach work. Click on the links to see how we are getting on and how you can help. Follow us on Facebook. Click on the Gallery to see pictures of the restored organ.